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cds::urcu::signal_buffered_stripped Class Reference

User-space signal-handled RCU with deferred (buffered) reclamation (stripped version) More...

#include <cds/urcu/signal_buffered.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cds::urcu::signal_buffered<>
typedef signal_buffered_tag rcu_tag
 RCU tag.
typedef cds::container::VyukovMPMCCycleQueue< epoch_retired_ptrbuffer_type
 Buffer type.
typedef std::mutex lock_type
 Lock type.
typedef cds::backoff::Default back_off
 Back-off type.
typedef base_class::thread_gc thread_gc
 Thread-side RCU part.
typedef thread_gc::scoped_lock scoped_lock
 Access lock class.
- Public Member Functions inherited from cds::urcu::signal_buffered<>
virtual void retire_ptr (retired_ptr &p) override
 Retire p pointer. More...
void batch_retire (ForwardIterator itFirst, ForwardIterator itLast)
 Retires the pointer chain [itFirst, itLast)
void batch_retire (Func e)
 Retires the pointer chain until Func returns nullptr retired pointer.
void synchronize ()
 Wait to finish a grace period and then clear the buffer.
size_t capacity () const
 Returns the threshold of internal buffer.
int signal_no () const
 Returns the signal number stated for RCU.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cds::urcu::signal_buffered<>
static signal_bufferedinstance ()
 Returns singleton instance.
static bool isUsed ()
 Checks if the singleton is created and ready to use.
static void Construct (size_t nBufferCapacity=256, int nSignal=SIGUSR1)
 Creates singleton object. More...
static void Destruct (bool bDetachAll=false)
 Destroys singleton object.

Detailed Description

User-space signal-handled RCU with deferred (buffered) reclamation (stripped version)

This short version of signal_buffered is intended for stripping debug info. If you use signal_buffered with default template arguments you may use this stripped version. All functionality of both classes are identical.

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