cds  2.2.0
Garbage collectors


 Different safe memory reclamation schemas (garbage collectors)
 User-space Read-Copy Update (URCU) namespace.

Data Structures

class  cds::gc::DHP
 Dynamic Hazard Pointer garbage collector. More...
class  cds::gc::HP
 Hazard Pointer garbage collector. More...
class  cds::gc::nogc
 No garbage collecting. More...

Detailed Description

GC comparison

Feature cds::gc::HP cds::gc::DHP
Max number of guarded (hazard) pointers per thread limited (specifies in GC object ctor) unlimited (dynamically allocated when needed)
Max number of retired pointers1 bounded bounded
Array of retired pointers preallocated for each thread, size is limited global for the entire process, unlimited (dynamically allocated when needed)
1Unbounded count of retired pointer means a possibility of memory exhaustion.

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