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cds::urcu::raw_ptr< RCU, ValueType, ReclaimedEnumerator > Class Template Reference

Raw pointer to node of RCU-based container. More...

#include <cds/urcu/raw_ptr.h>

Public Types

typedef RCU rcu
 RCU type - one of cds::urcu::gc< ... >
typedef ValueType value_type
 Value type pointed by raw_ptr.
typedef ReclaimedEnumerator reclaimed_enumerator
 implementation-defined, for internal use only

Public Member Functions

 raw_ptr ()
 Constructs an empty raw pointer.
 raw_ptr (raw_ptr &&p)
 Move ctor.
 raw_ptr (raw_ptr const &)=delete
 Copy ctor is prohibited.
 ~raw_ptr ()
 Releases the raw pointer.
raw_ptroperator= (raw_ptr &&p) noexcept
 Move assignment operator. More...
raw_ptroperator= (raw_ptr const &)=delete
 Copy assignment is prohibited.
value_typeoperator-> () const noexcept
 Returns a pointer to stored value.
value_typeoperator* ()
 Returns a reference to stored value.
value_type const & operator* () const
 Returns a reference to stored value.
bool empty () const noexcept
 Checks if the raw_ptr is nullptr.
 operator bool () const noexcept
 Checks if the raw_ptr is not empty.
void release ()
 Releases the raw_ptr object. More...

Detailed Description

template<class RCU, typename ValueType, typename ReclaimedEnumerator>
class cds::urcu::raw_ptr< RCU, ValueType, ReclaimedEnumerator >

Raw pointer to node of RCU-based container.

This class is intented for returning a pointer to node of RCU-based container. The objects of raw_ptr class is returned by functions like get() of that containers. Those functions must be called only under RCU-lock, otherwise the node returned can be reclaimed. On the other hand, traversing the container can remove a lot of nodes marked as deleted ones. Since RCU is locked, such nodes cannot be reclaimed immediately and must be retired only outside RCU lock.

The object of raw_ptr solves that problem: it contains the pointer to the node found and a chain of nodes that were be reclaimed during traversing. The raw_ptr object destructor frees the chain (but not the node found) passing it to RCU batch_retire().

The object of raw_ptr class must be destructed only outside RCU-lock of current thread.

Usually, you do not need to use raw_ptr class directly. Each RCU container declares a raw_ptr typedef suitable for the container.

Template arguments:

  • RCU - one of RCU type
  • ValueType - type of values stored in container
  • ReclaimedEnumerator - implementation-defined for each type of container

Example: let Container is an RCU container

Container c;
// ...
// Find a key
typename Container::raw_ptr pRaw;
// RCU locked section
typename Container::rcu_lock l;
pRaw = c.get( key );
if ( pRaw ) {
// Deal with pRaw
// Release outside RCU-lock

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

template<class RCU , typename ValueType , typename ReclaimedEnumerator >
raw_ptr& cds::urcu::raw_ptr< RCU, ValueType, ReclaimedEnumerator >::operator= ( raw_ptr< RCU, ValueType, ReclaimedEnumerator > &&  p)

Move assignment operator.

This operator may be called only inside RCU-lock.

◆ release()

template<class RCU , typename ValueType , typename ReclaimedEnumerator >
void cds::urcu::raw_ptr< RCU, ValueType, ReclaimedEnumerator >::release ( )

Releases the raw_ptr object.

This function may be called only outside RCU locked region. After release() the object becomes empty and can be reused.

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