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cds::container::mspriority_queue::traits Struct Reference

MSPriorityQueue traits. More...

#include <cds/container/mspriority_queue.h>

Inheritance diagram for cds::container::mspriority_queue::traits:

Public Types

typedef CDS_DEFAULT_ALLOCATOR allocator
 The allocator use to allocate memory for values.
typedef cds::opt::v::assignment_move_policy move_policy
 Move policy. More...
- Public Types inherited from cds::intrusive::mspriority_queue::traits
typedef opt::v::initialized_dynamic_buffer< void * > buffer
 Storage type. More...
typedef opt::none compare
 Priority compare functor. More...
typedef opt::none less
 Specifies binary predicate used for priority comparing. More...
typedef cds::sync::spin lock_type
 Type of mutual-exclusion lock. The lock is not need to be recursive.
typedef backoff::Default back_off
 Back-off strategy.
typedef empty_stat stat
 Internal statistics. More...

Detailed Description

MSPriorityQueue traits.

The traits for cds::container::MSPriorityQueue is the same as for cds::intrusive::MSPriorityQueue (see cds::intrusive::mspriority_queue::traits) plus some additional properties.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ move_policy

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