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cds::container::split_list::traits Struct Reference

SplitListSet traits More...

#include <cds/container/details/split_list_base.h>

Inheritance diagram for cds::container::split_list::traits:

Public Types

typedef michael_list_tag ordered_list
typedef opt::none ordered_list_traits
- Public Types inherited from cds::intrusive::split_list::traits
enum  { padding = cds::opt::cache_line_padding }
 Padding; default is cache-line padding.
typedef opt::none hash
 Hash function. More...
typedef cds::algo::bit_reversal::lookup bit_reversal
 Bit reversal algorithm. More...
typedef cds::atomicity::item_counter item_counter
 Item counter. More...
typedef CDS_DEFAULT_ALLOCATOR allocator
 Bucket table allocator. More...
typedef split_list::empty_stat stat
 Internal statistics (by default, disabled) More...
typedef opt::v::relaxed_ordering memory_model
 C++ memory ordering model. More...
typedef cds::backoff::Default back_off
 Back-off strategy.
typedef FreeListImpl free_list
 Free-list of auxiliary nodes. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from cds::intrusive::split_list::traits
static const bool dynamic_bucket_table = true
 What type of bucket table is used. More...

Detailed Description

SplitListSet traits

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ordered_list

Selects appropriate ordered-list implementation for split-list. Supported types are:

◆ ordered_list_traits

Specifyes traits for selected ordered list type, default type:

  • for michael_list_tag: container::michael_list::traits.
  • for lazy_list_tag: container::lazy_list::traits.
  • for iterable_list_tag: container::iterable_list::traits.

If this type is opt::none, the ordered list traits is combined with default ordered list traits and split-list traits.

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