cds  2.3.2
cds::intrusive::single_link::node< GC, Tag > Struct Template Reference

Container's node. More...

#include <cds/intrusive/details/single_link_struct.h>

Data Structures

struct  rebind
 Rebind node for other template parameters. More...

Public Types

typedef GC gc
 Garbage collector.
typedef Tag tag
typedef gc::template atomic_ref< nodeatomic_node_ptr
 atomic pointer

Data Fields

atomic_node_ptr m_pNext
 pointer to the next node in the container

Detailed Description

template<class GC, typename Tag = opt::none>
struct cds::intrusive::single_link::node< GC, Tag >

Container's node.

Template parameters:

  • GC - garbage collector used
  • Tag - a tag used to distinguish between different implementation

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