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cds::container::split_list Namespace Reference

SplitListSet related definitions. More...

Data Structures

struct  make_traits
 Metafunction converting option list to traits struct. More...
struct  ordered_list
 Option to select ordered list class for split-list. More...
struct  ordered_list_traits
 Option to specify ordered list type traits. More...
struct  traits
 SplitListSet traits More...


template<typename Counter = cds::intrusive::split_list::stat<>::counter_type>
using stat = cds::intrusive::split_list::stat< Counter >
 Internal statistics, see cds::intrusive::split_list::stat.
typedef cds::intrusive::split_list::empty_stat empty_stat
 Disabled internal statistics, see cds::intrusive::split_list::empty_stat.
template<bool Value>
using dynamic_bucket_table = cds::intrusive::split_list::dynamic_bucket_table< Value >
 Selector of bucket table implementation = typedef for intrusive::split_list::dynamic_bucket_table.
template<typename Type >
using bit_reversal = cds::intrusive::split_list::bit_reversal< Type >
 Option to control bit reversal algorithm. More...

Detailed Description

SplitListSet related definitions.

Typedef Documentation

◆ bit_reversal

Option to control bit reversal algorithm.

Bit reversal is a significant part of split-list. Type can be one of predefined algorithm in cds::algo::bit_reversal namespace.

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