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cds::intrusive::treiber_stack Namespace Reference

TreiberStack related definitions. More...

Data Structures

struct  empty_stat
 Empty (no overhead) stack statistics. Support interface like treiber_stack::stat. More...
struct  make_traits
 Metafunction converting option list to treiber_stack::traits. More...
struct  stat
 Stack internal statistics. May be useful for debugging or profiling. More...
struct  traits
 TreiberStack default type traits. More...


template<class GC , typename Tag = opt::none>
using node = cds::intrusive::single_link::node< GC, Tag >
 Stack node. More...
template<typename... Options>
using base_hook = cds::intrusive::single_link::base_hook< Options... >
 Base hook. More...
template<size_t MemberOffset, typename... Options>
using member_hook = cds::intrusive::single_link::member_hook< MemberOffset, Options... >
 Member hook. More...
template<typename NodeTraits , typename... Options>
using traits_hook = cds::intrusive::single_link::traits_hook< NodeTraits, Options... >
 Traits hook. More...

Detailed Description

TreiberStack related definitions.

Typedef Documentation

§ base_hook

template<typename... Options>
using cds::intrusive::treiber_stack::base_hook = typedef cds::intrusive::single_link::base_hook< Options...>

Base hook.

Options are:

§ member_hook

template<size_t MemberOffset, typename... Options>
using cds::intrusive::treiber_stack::member_hook = typedef cds::intrusive::single_link::member_hook< MemberOffset, Options... >

Member hook.

MemberOffset specifies offset in bytes of node member into your structure. Use offsetof macro to define MemberOffset

Options are:

§ node

template<class GC , typename Tag = opt::none>
using cds::intrusive::treiber_stack::node = typedef cds::intrusive::single_link::node< GC, Tag >

Stack node.

Template parameters:

  • GC - garbage collector used
  • Tag - a tag

§ traits_hook

template<typename NodeTraits , typename... Options>
using cds::intrusive::treiber_stack::traits_hook = typedef cds::intrusive::single_link::traits_hook< NodeTraits, Options... >

Traits hook.

NodeTraits defines type traits for node. See node_traits for NodeTraits interface description

Options are:

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